Hail Damaged Roof

Hail Damage?

Do you suspect you have hail or storm damage to your home?  Did you know that hail as small as the size of a quarter could significantly damage your roof, siding, trim and gutters?  Hail damage at times can be very obvious to spot but often times it can be difficult and will require a thorough inspection by an experienced professional. Clifton Exteriors is a locally established and trusted business that specializes in hail damage claims.  Don’t be fooled by storm chasing companies that follow storms all throughout the United States.  These types of establishments will most likely vanish after a few months of the storms passing. With over 20 years in dealing with insurance claims, Clifton Exteriors can represent you throughout the entire process, advocate on your behalf and ensure that your home will receive the proper repairs it deserves.  Schedule a FREE in home consultation with our storm damage experts today!